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MyNARA is a safe, professionally-guided domestic abuse recovery app for those who are suffering in a romantic relationship with a narcissist.

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What is narcissistic abuse?

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Narcissistic abuse affects millions of people worldwide, but public awareness is alarmingly low. If you’re the victim of domestic abuse, your partner may be suffering from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), with a highly inflated ego, a lack of empathy, and a need for complete control.

Three truths about narc abusers

Here's how to distinguish ordinary selfish or self-absorbed behavior from narcissistic abuse.

Narcissists form a trauma bond

The trauma bond is a powerful form of love addiction, and why it’s so difficult to leave, no matter how abusive they are.

Narcissists destroy self-esteem

They will gaslight you, convince you that you’re the problem, and they will never consider that they’re in the wrong.

Narcissists will never change

They may love bomb you and profess to be a changed person, but that is only to trap you into submitting to their control.

Break the cycle of abuse

MyNARA has developed a proprietary 12-phase program for victims of narcissistic abuse. We call it NarcArmor.™ Subscribe to the app today for free access to the Recovery Toolkit, where you can securely gather evidence through journal entries, photos, voice notes and videos. Upgrade to a premium plan for full access to the NarcArmor™ recovery program modules, tools, expert guidance and support.

Phase 1 - Shock and denial

You don’t want to accept that your partner is abusive. You make excuses for them and believe it's your fault. If you just change your approach or behavior the abuse will stop.

Phase 2 - Realization

You suddenly realize your partner is not who you thought they were. This can be a painful awakening. You may feel guilty for everyone affected and angry at the abuser.

Phase 3 - Acceptance

Once you have reached the acceptance stage you will need to plan your exit. Emotionally it will be difficult, and you will need support. You must also focus on your safety.

Help & Support

MyNARA started as a Facebook group for victims of narcissistic abuse (VONA), and has grown to a worldwide network of support resources. You’re no longer alone. MyNARA is here to help and guide you.

Staying safe with our app

Your privacy and safety are our primary concerns. We have a number of special measures to keep you anonymous, private and secure while using this app.

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Our community of survivors helps each other every day

Most of the support team at MyNARA have personally experienced narcissistic abuse, and we’re passionate about helping you. The community we serve finds strength and hope from our program.


My confidence has grown so much. Self confidence is a super power; believe in yourself and magic happens.


This gives me strength! The no contact has been difficult. On my own, I would have let him in.


I felt so helpless. There was nothing I could do to convince people my partner was not the victim.

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Finally you've found a qualified support system for victims and survivors of partner narcissistic abuse. Here you can safely learn, identify, connect and thrive within a vibrant community of compassionate supporters. We're here to help.

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