Am I a victim of narcissistic abuse

The first step to recovery is understanding the nature of narcissistic abuse. How can you tell if you're a victim? What does it look like, and how can you spot the signs?

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Different types of narcissistic abuse

There are as many as 10 different types of narcissists -- the main ones are: malignant, grandiose, vulnerable and communal. And there are four primary types of abuse any of them may inflict.


Emotional manipulation aims to destroy the victim’s confidence so they are reliant on their abuser. Gaslighting is one of the most dangerous signs of abuse.


Sex with a narcissist is always on their terms. It is rarely intimate, although they’re often affectionate. During sex they often play the dominant role so they can assert power.


The abuser will control you by using money as a reward and punishment. Because you’re financially dependent on them, it's also more difficult for you to leave.


There are many forms of physical abuse. Just because a mark was not left on your body doesn't mean there wasnt cruelty, violence, neglect or exploitation.

Which of these traits does your partner have?

It's useful to understand which type of abuser you're dealing with. This is not a diagnostic tool, only a professional counselor can give you a diagnosis, but it can help you answer any questions you may have about your unique situation.

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