The road to recovery

The MyNARA app is your personal recovery guide, with practical tools and professional expert support to help you along the journey.

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Healing from narcissistic abuse

Seeking help for narcissistic abuse can seem like a daunting and impossible task. Even when support is available, it can often do more harm than good. This is because many general counselors lack an adequate understanding of narcissism. Most therapists have no idea how intoxicating, dangerous, and heart-wrenching life with a narcissist can be.

Developed by experienced mental health professionals and survivors of narcissistic abuse, the MyNARA app enables victims and survivors to take steps toward reclaiming their lives with practical guidance and the assurance that they are not alone on the journey. The MyNARA app is a safe, private space where you will learn how to recover from narcissistic abuse, and how to avoid narcissistic personalities in the future.

On-demand teletherapy isn’t available around the clock, and therapist openings can vary. But narcissistic abuse doesn’t run on a schedule, so the MyNARA app is accessible to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Recovery Toolkit is available for free to all subscribers, with limited individual data storage. With a paid subscription you gain access to the entire NarcArmor™ 12-phase recovery program and a lot more storage space for photos, audio notes and video proof of incidents of abuse. The NarcArmor™ program is loaded with instructional material, videos and tools, so you never feel stuck or alone.

Everything you enter in MyNARA is protected for your eyes only and stored in the cloud, nothing is saved to your device. All of your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption or higher. We also follow procedures required by GDPR and HIPAA for the anonymization and transmission of your data.

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages describe our strict adherence to US, UK and European data privacy laws.

We're confident you'll find the features and tools available in the MyNARA app useful in your recovery. Join us now and let us help you start your journey.

Recovery Toolkit

Every journey starts with a step. That’s why the MyNARA Recovery Toolkit meets you wherever you are and helps you move forward at your pace, without judgment. It's support that’s actually there when you need it.

Daily journal

This is your space to record struggles and successes. It's important to log any incidents of abuse so you have a record. Upload photos of injuries or property damage, audio or video.

Red flag log

A key part of recovery is to recognize red flags when you see them in your current or prospective partner. When you document them you’re less likely to ignore or forget them.

No contact counter

When you finally manage to leave your abuser, you will find it very tempting to reach back out. This daily check in will help you stay on track, in control and make the days more bearable.

Let our app guide you

We invite you to try the MyNARA app risk free. You can write in a daily journal and use the red flag log and no contact counters to visualize your progress. We'll guide you through every step.

When you're ready, upgrade to the 12-phase NarcArmor™ recovery program, an evidence-based, therapeutic approach to narcissistic abuse recovery. It's the same clinical process our founder, Emma Davey, used to recover from her relationship with an abusive narcissist. It can be a lifeline for support and encouragement on your path to recovery.

Narcissistic abuse recovery app

Help & Support

MyNARA started as a Facebook group for victims of narcissistic abuse (VONA), and has grown to a worldwide network of support resources. You’re no longer alone. MyNARA is here to help and guide you.

Our community of survivors helps each other every day

Most of the support team at MyNARA have personally experienced narcissistic abuse, and we’re passionate about helping you. The community we serve finds strength and hope from our program.


My confidence has grown so much. Self confidence is a super power; believe in yourself and magic happens.


This gives me strength! The no contact has been difficult. On my own, I would have let him in.


I felt so helpless. There was nothing I could do to convince people my partner was not the victim.

Stay connected. Join us

Finally you've found a qualified support system for victims and survivors of partner narcissistic abuse. Here you can safely learn, identify, connect and thrive within a vibrant community of compassionate supporters. We're here to help.

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