Frequently Asked Questions

Our objective at MyNARA is to engage with, educate and support the global community of narcissistic abuse victims and survivors. We want to reduce the stigma surrounding getting help for domestic abuse.

What is the MyNARA app?

MyNARA is a support app for victims of narcissistic abuse, with free access to a Recovery Toolkit where users can safely and securely gather evidence through journal entries, photos, voice notes and videos. Developed by a narcissistic abuse counselor, the app is based on a proprietary 12-phase recovery program called NarcArmor,™ which provides expert support and encouragement to victims during and after their recovery.

Is the app available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play?

Yes! The app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. It is also available as a web app through our website at

Is my data encrypted?

Yes. We have comprehensive security policies and procedures in place to protect sensitive user data. All of your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption or higher. We also follow procedures required by GDPR and HIPAA for the anonymization and transmission of your data.

How do I contact MyNARA for technical support?

For technical support questions, contact us at from your account’s email address.

How can I cancel my account and delete my data?

In order to close your account, please visit the app store where you purchased it and cancel your subscription. If you cancel before the end of the subscription period, you will not receive a refund, but will continue to have access until the end of the subscription period.

Once you cancel your subscription, you will be given the ability to delete your account, however if you do so you will lose access to all of the data contained in it.

We want you to know that for domestic abuse cases in most countries, prosecution can progress even if there is no support from a victim, as long as there is evidence that can be relied upon in a court trial.

Therefore, when you delete your account, our policy is to retain your data in cold storage for one (1) year. Later, if you decide to return to the program, or if you or the authorities require access to the data, it will be accessible. After one (1) year, it will be permanently deleted.

Should you change your mind and want to rejoin the program within one year of deleting your account, simply create a new account using the same email address you originally used. You will then be given the option to restore the data to your new account.

What causes narcissistic personality disorder?

Typically, the emotional development of a narcissist was stunted for some reason in childhood. This could be due to abuse, or bad parenting, but sometimes there appear to be no obvious reasons for why it happens.

Is narcissistic personality disorder a mental illness?

Narcissistic personality disorder is a cluster B personality disorder and classed as a mental health disorder.

Are certain personalities more drawn to narcissists?

Anyone can be the victim of a narcissist. However, they are particularly drawn to people who have high levels of empathy. And empathetic people are more inclined to fall for their stories of victimhood and want to ‘fix’ and help them recover from the ‘wrongs’ people have done them. As narcissists often start the relationship by love bombing their victims, this can be highly intoxicating to people who have been deprived of love.

How do I know if I’m in a relationship with a narcissist?

A narcissist will need constant admiration and lack empathy. Consider your partner’s behavior and traits using this app. We cannot diagnose your partner without seeing them, but this tool will give you a good indication of what you’re dealing with.

Will a narcissist physically hurt you?

A narcissist lacks empathy and self-control. They seek to control their victims and are prone to using aggression as a way of doing this. It is therefore common for them to use physical violence.

Is verbal abuse domestic violence?

Yes, narcissistic abuse, and particularly coercive control, even when it involves no physical contact, can be just as damaging to the victim and in many countries is illegal for this reason. The victim will often experience physical signs of emotional abuse, such as stomach disorders, and it can lead to depression and even suicide.

Can narcissism be cured?

Sadly, no, their brains are wired differently. It is rare for them to even acknowledge their condition; typically, they will blame others and take no accountability for their actions. However, therapy (to manage their self-esteem and have more realistic expectations of others) can sometimes help a little.

Why do I keep attracting narcissists into my life?

Most people who leave a narcissist will go back many times before they break themselves free. Those who finally do may then form a relationship with another narcissist. So it’s important that you understand why you’re attracted to them and how to spot the red flags early enough to walk away.

What exactly do I do to cope with a narcissist?

Leaving a narcissist, or managing the relationship with one if you’re unable to leave, is challenging. You will find it very difficult to do it alone. That’s why this app has been created, to support you every step of the way on the road to recovery.

How long does it take to recover from narcissistic abuse?

Everyone is different. Some people never recover as they struggle alone without the emotional and practical support they need. But with the right help and support, you can recover quickly. That’s why this app has been created, to provide the support and education you need to recover.

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